Happy Customers
 These are all comments sent to us via mail or email.   We used initials rather than names to protect the privacy of our customers. 
"Mr. Gannaway,   I just wanted to thank you again for your time.   The information you gave me on Thursday about diamonds has really jelped me with my essay, and has taught me things I would never have imagined.   Thank you very much for your time and knowledge."
A.S. from Oregon
"Thank you very much for your kindness in regards to engraving my military saber.   Sincerely"
W.F. from Oregon
"Thank you again for working on the shell/pearl necklace project.   It was a HUGE hit!!!"
M.C. from Oregon
"OMG!!!   I am SO THRILLED with the piece!   (. . .and I confessed to my husband about it, so no more mystery.)   I SO APPRECIATE the quick response and beautiful sparkle it has!"
C.D. from Virginia
"I want to thank you for the Beautiful Baby Carriage Fabrege Egg. I was blessed to win this generous gift  . . .  The carriage is proudly displayed in my hutch with your business card.   Thank you again for this lovely gift."
M.A. from Washington
"I just wanted to relay my gratitude.   I purchased an engagement ring from your shop last week and needed to have it sized.   When I stopped in to pick it up I was in a hurry as I was running late for a meeting in Washington.   Although I was able to return later that day to pick it up, you contacted me and offered to personally bring it to me.   Not only were you completely helpful, but level of attention and service provided was well beyone what I would have ever expected.   You have earned my loyalty for all future needs and I will be sure to recommend you anytime I get the chance.   The drive from Westport is completely worth the end result."
J.C. from Washington
"Thank you for gifting us with roses and chocolates to give out on Valentines Day. $nbsp; On a day dedicated to love your generosity helped us celebrate the newest and the longest love relationships present at each of our services.   Blessings to your continued success!"
J.O. from Oregon
"Please thank the genius who did the work - Thank you so very much for being able to have my ring repaired.   I am very anxious to enjoy it fully once again.   Sincerely,"
M.W. from Washington
"Dear Gannaway Brothers,  My necklace is drop dead gorgeous, and I want to thank you both for doing such a beautiful job.   The design is so unique, very classic, and the way the sapphires are situated mean so much to me.   A very unusual and special mother's necklace.   I do love it, and very proud of its beauty.   Again thank you so much you've always been special to me."
J.J. & H.J. from Washington
"It always amazes me living in a small town & the kind gestures of our 'Business Owners'.   I was and am most of the time frazzled by things my mother does - and getting her ring stuck was just another episode.   But I did panic when her finger started to swell & she had tears in her eyes.   When you said you would come over I was 'Blown Away' & so very Thankful.   You went above & beyond & for that I am forever grateful.   Mother loves her jewelry & when it 'sparkles' she is very happy.   Oh to have that mom back before 'dementia' came.   Thank you for rescuing 'mother & daughter' & putting peace and thankfulness to yet another day.   You're the best - "
R.P. from Oregon
"Hello!   Just a note to thank you so much for the beautiful repair work on my diamond bracelet.  Thank you, too, for the inspection and cleanings of my diamond ring and designer bracelet.   Everything looks lovely!   It was delightful to chat with you.   Best wishes for your Holiday Season!   Most sincerely,"
C.M. from Oregon
"This is a note to say thank you so much for my Grandmother's ring.  It is just as I pictured it should be.   Both of you are truly artists and craftsmen and I am honored to wear your jewelry, as Mom said, these rings, as well as my wedding ring, tell a story and I wear that story on my hands.   You both are blessed to have such a gift.   Always my love"
N.P. from Georgia
"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did redesigning my wedding ring!  It is beautiful & I love it!   Sincerely,  1 Cor 15:58"
L.M. from Washington
"Greetings from England!   I am moving my Mum into assisted living (not her in the picture!) ~ ref postcard: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ~  She has given me some rings and watches from years ago to dispose of.   Can I drop by the store on my return?   I want you to have first choice of them.   Likely early October.
P.W. from England
"C and I saw the finished product for the first time, late last night and we are very happy with the bracelet you created for us!  Thank you very much!!!!!     It came out so much better than our expectations, and words cannot tell you how happy we are with it.     Thank you for taking time to do all the little extras on it as well!  The hidden hinges and the lock on it are stunning.  Thank you for finding two more sapphires, adding the diamonds, and creating the pattern.  It really is beautiful.
I was also surprised by the box it came in.  C is pretty excited! (and she is a tough one to please!) THANK YOU"
K.Y from Washington
"Bless you for your outstanding kindness.   It is really appreciated.  You and 'bruv' are some of the nicest people in business in our community.   All the best!"
P.W. from Oregon
"Now that I have had my ring for several weeks I just wanted to let you know that I love it!!  I appreciate the extra hours that Tim worked to make the ring in a couple of days so I could have it before we had to leave the area.   The conversations we had were also interesting & enjoyable.  Thank you again for all you did for me.  It was above & beyond my expectations.  God bless you."
     ~card~  "With a Special Thanks, This extra-special thank you note sent to you today
                         Holds more appreciation than any words can say... For you're among the nicest
                         people I have ever known, And you'll never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness
                         you've shown.  Thanks for Everything!!"
J.P. & J.P. from Idaho
"Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into helping me find the perfect ring."
C.B. from Illinois
"Thank you for your generosity.  If you would like to visit Germany, we would be glad to see you in our house and show you our country."
T.W. from Germany
"The earrings are gorgeous.   It's so nice for us to know that we can rely upon you all to help us with our purchases."
M.T. from Nevada
"Just wanted to say thanks again for your creative art work."
M.B. from Oregon
"Thanks again for your help.   We enjoyed your store and I love my necklace.   It was icing on a wonderful 1 year anniversary and trip to the Oregon coast."
S.B. from Idaho
"My wife was quite adamant that any, and all, jewelry needs to be purchased at Gannaway's as they have the best designs and the highest quality.  It's obvious that there is no option where to purchase jewelry if I intend to buy it for my wife!"
K.Y. from Washington
"I want to thank you so much for taking the time to make another pin for me.  It meant a lot to me."
L.S. from Illinois
"My earrings are beautiful and have worn them several times already. Thanks so much - I love them!!"
D.P. from Washington
"Thank you for all the imagination and hard work you put into making my birthday present."
N.K. from Minnesota
"I really like my necklace.   It's beautiful!!"
L from Washington
"Thanks for all your expertise, attention and kindness on Saturday.   What a great time, as always, to visit with you!"
B.M. from Washington
"Just a note to tell you the beautiful Tahitian pearl earrings you made for me arrived in time for me to wear on my birthday.   All the family were home and admired them very much."
L.S. from Washington
"Thanks for the great job on the earrings.   My wife loves them.  They look just like the ring you did years ago."
R.S. from Washington
"I would like to thank all of you for the wonderful service my wife to be and I have gotten over the last few months.   We both are happy to be your valued customers."
E. from Oregon
"I'm blown away!   Thank you so much for such prompt service."
C.W. from Oregon
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