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Frequently Asked Questions
1.       When are you open?
3.       What kind of guarantee do you give with my jewelry purchase?     What if a stone falls out?
6.       Do you trade jewelry?
7.       Do you buy jewelry?
1.       When are you open?
We are open 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday.
We offer a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our jewelry.  There may be some exceptions for highly personalized items; for instance, mother's rings, or jewelry with initials.
We guarantee our workmanship.  If a stone falls out and is lost due to faulty workmanship, we will replace it.   We do not replace stones that fall out due to normal wear or accidents.  We clean and check your prongs for free because we want to encourage you to use this service.  If you have your jewelry checked every 6 months, it is very unlikely you will lose your stones.  If you feel a prong catching or notice it is bent, cracked, or broken, you should come and see us immediately.   Care and maintenance of your jewelry is your responsibility, but we are glad to help you with this wherever we can.
The price for sizing a ring can vary substantially depending on a number of factors including: number of stones, the width of the band, the amount of size change, and the type of metal. Most size jobs cost between $39 and $135.   Our prices include the cost of checking and tightening loose stones and rhodium plating white gold jewelry.
Ring sizing can be simple, but it can also turn into a more intricate project.  If a ring is not sized properly, the integrity of the ring can be compromised.   An improperly sized ring can also cause the gemstone to fall out at a later time.   While many jewelers size the ring the quickest way, we do it the proper way, regardless of how much time it takes.    
6.      Do you trade jewelry?
We do not trade in old jewelry for new jewelry.    However, if you bought a diamond from us in the past and would like to trade that diamond in for a larger one, you may trade in the original diamond at the price you paid for it.   This "trade-up" policy applies to loose diamonds, center diamonds, and diamond earrings.
7.      Do you buy jewelry?
We will pay cash for your scrap gold, silver, and platinum, or accept it for credit against goods or services provided by GB Jewelers.   
We are not watchmakers and therefore do not do general repairs or maintenance on watches.    However, we do replace batteries and adjust watch bands.
For over 37 years, designing custom made jewelry has been our passion.   We combine our knowledge and expertise with your desires, style and taste, to create that perfect piece of jewelry.   We work in gold, silver, or platinum, and have a wide array of natural gemstones.    We are prepared to help you with almost any request. 
We usually request a week for repairs, but often get them done sooner.  For an additional charge, we offer an express service where we will do your repairs immediately .
Virtually all of our repairs are done in-house by three master goldsmiths with over 100 years of combined experience.    We do occasionally send some things out when another goldsmith’s expertise or equipment is needed, but you will be informed of this before it is sent out.
If you have a certificate with your diamond, the diamond can be examined to see whether it matches the certificate. But most jewelry comes without detailed documentation, so it is best to develop a relationship with a jeweler you can trust.  Stone switching is not common, but it is worth the effort to investigate and find a jeweler that has a long track record of integrity and a good reputation in his or her community.
We recommend that you have your ring checked every 6 months.   Replacing a lost diamond is much more expensive than having your ring repaired.    Always stay on the safe side and bring it in.    We will clean and check your rings for free, while you wait.
Karat: used in describing the gold content in jewelry.    14K Gold = 14/24 = 58.5% gold      18K Gold = 18/24 = 75% gold Carat: unit of weight used with gemstones.       1 carat = 1/5 gram
The most common misconception is that a point refers to the physical points of the facets on a diamond.    This is not correct.    A point is another way of talking about the weight of small diamonds (less than 1 carat).    A 34 point diamond is a .34 carat diamond.    A 65 point diamond is a .65 carat diamond.
In the case of 14K gold, there are 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy (some other metal).   Different alloys give the gold different colors.  For instance in white gold, nickel is the primary metal which gives it the white color.
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