Jewelry Repairs
We don't just get the job done.    We get it done right.    While most jewelers and repair trade shops carelessly race through a job just to get it off their bench, we take as much time as it takes to do it right.
Watch Repairs
Unfortunately, we do not do any type of watch repair  (including batteries or watch bands.)
Workmanship Guarantee
We take great pride in our workmanship.    If you lose a stone due to our faulty workmanship, we will gladly replace the stone.    This does not cover accidents or normal wear and tear.    You should bring your jewelry in at least every 6 months for a free inspection to ensure you never lose a stone due to normal wear and tear.
Many jewelry stores send their repair jobs off to trade shops.    Nearly every repair job is done in house at GB Jewelers.    When we can't provide a particular service (eg. laser welding), we will only send it to a capable trade shop when a customer specifically requests it.    The vast majority of all repair jobs are done at GB Jewelers.    We have a very good system to account for your jewelry.    Security is our number one concern.
Ring Sizing
We guarantee that we will size your ring to the size requested, but we do not guarantee it will fit if we did not measure the finger.      If we size your finger in the store, we guarantee that the ring will fit your finger.    If we sized your finger and it does not fit, we will do it again at no charge.
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We are closed on Christmas Day and on New Years Day every year.
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