Marcasite, sometimes known as white iron pyrite, is iron sulfide with orthorhombic crystal structure.   While crystallographically distinct from pyrite, which is iron sulfide with cubic crystal structure, both have a short bonding distance between the sulfur atoms, with structures differing in the arrangement of these dianions.   Marcasite is lighter and more brittle than pyrite, having an unstable crystal structure.   Although it is brittle, it cannot be scratched with a knife.
Futuristic in look, Marcasite is the new 'alternative' gem in inexpensive jewelry.   A genuine gemstone that offers brilliant design possibilities at an affordable price, Marcasite is most often set in 925-Sterling Silver, working as a Diamond replacement, adding beautiful sparkle in jewelry design.
Marcasite is a 'cousin' to Hematite - known as a stone of great fire.   Marcasite can be found in colors ranging from pale yellow to almost white with a bright metallic luster.   It tarnishes to a yellowish or brownish color and gives a black streak.
Marcasite's use in adornment dates back to early history.   It was especially sought-after by the pre-Columbian Incas, Spanish conquistadors, and French and British royals. Renowned jewelers, like the German firm Theodore Fahrner, marked the stylish gem in their jewelry from the Art Deco period.
Primarily, Marcasite is found in Dover, Kent, and England.
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