Chrome Diopside
Diopside is found in two forms:  the Black Star Diopside and Chrome Diopside.   The agent, Chromium in Chrome Diopside, gives it the rich green color, and Diopside which comes from the Greek word meaning "double appearance".   It is also known as Vertelite, "vert" meaning green.
Chrome Diopside certainly will not win any contests for the most beautiful name, but this dazzling gemstone became popular as an alternative to Tsavorite Garnet, which in turn was an alternative to the Emerald   Chrome Diopside is similar to Emerald but much less expensive.   Until around 1988 A.D. when large deposits were found in Russia, Chrome Diopside was not very common.
A completely natural gemstone which does not require any treatments (i.e. heat, oil, radiation, etc.), Chrome Diopside has few inclusions and a good refractive index, giving it a nice brilliance when finely cut.   The cat's eye is also found, though rarely, in Chrome Diopside.    There are, however, a few drawbacks.   Chrome Diopside is mostly available in small sizes as the larger stones are too deep in color which lowers its refractive index.   But for bright green accent stones, Chrome Diopside is ideal.   With a hardness of only 5.5, Chrome Diopside is relatively soft, so it is best used as earrings or pendants rather than in a ring which will receive a lot of wear.   Chrome Diopside is mostly mined in the East Siberian State of Sakha, but also found in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Finland, Burma, and the United States.
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