Water               Copper               Silver               Gold
Wondering why "water" is in our list of elements?   As Goldsmiths, our focus is on the ornamental metals; however, water is one of the defining cornerstones of life as we know it and until recently was thought to be an element.   The ornamental metals would not have meaning if there were no life to enjoy them.
Throughout history precious metals have been used to create beautiful art, jewelry, coinage and housewares.   When they are no longer useful or need to be repurposed, they are melted down (refined) and reused (recycled).
Rarity / Value
Artistic Uses
Copper ( Cu )
corrodes to core
plentiful / pennies
large / earth
Silver ( Ag )
corrodes outside
kilos / quarters
medium / earthy & regal
Gold ( Au )
does not corrode
grams / dollars
small / elegant & regal
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