Downton Abbey
The designer, Andrew Prince, brought a historian’s
eye to his jewelry.  Even the stones are fashioned to
mirror the cutting styles of the Edwardian and
Art Deco eras.  Unlike most costume jewelry used
on movie and television sets, Prince’s is made of
bronze, brass,sterling silver, palladium,
Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia, and
synthetic gemstones.
He created appropriate pieces of jewelry for
Lady Violet Crawley, Lady Cora Crawley,
Lady Mary Crawley, and others.
The show has moved through time, from the
Belle Époque period (1871–1914) to the
Art Deco era (1920s–1930s).  During these
periods design mattered more than the
monetary value of the stones and precious
metals used.   The beauty of jewelry from
that age lay in its construction.   It was all
so different and opulent.
Now you know something about the creation
and selection of jewelry for the characters
of Downton Abbey ~
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