Diamond Earrings
A must for any wardrobe,
Diamond studs are truly magical
As an accessory for blue jeans or a complement to evening wear.
Below are just samples of some of the diamond earrings we carry.
Magical as the Morning Mist
White and Colored Diamonds.     Dozens in Stock.     Any Size and Quality for Order.
Listed prices do not apply to items which must be ordered.
Diamond Studs
Hearts and Arrows
2.02ctw J-SI2 in 14KW
Premium (Hearts and Arrows)
.74ctw H-SI1 in 14KW
1.48ctw J-VS2 in 14KW
.50ctw H-SI1 in 14KW
.40ctw H-I - SI2 in 14KW
.33ctw G-SI2 in 14KW
.25ctw G-SI2 in 14KW
Round Brilliant (Fine Make)
1.24ctw K-SI2 in 14KY
Round Brilliant
1.01ctw L-SI2 in 14KY
Classic (Round Brilliant)
1.01ctw M - VS-SI1 in 14KW
.75ctw L-SI3 in 14KW
.55ctw M-SI1 in 14KW
.42ctw L-M - I1 in 14KW
.33ctw L-SI2 in 14KW
.25ctw G-I1 in 14KW
.20cts I-I1 in 14KW
.17ctw I-SI3 in 14KW
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