The 5th C   ~  Compliments
The 4 Cs - color, clarity, cut, and carat weight have been used for decades to determine quality in a diamond, but without training, your wife cannot distinguish between an E and an F color in her diamond.  Without special equipment, she could never determine the clarity of her diamond.  Without expertise, she can never know whether her diamond is actully what the GIA says it is.   But, does your wife really care what the GIA thinks about her diamond?  She cares about the beauty, and the best indicator of that is what we at GB Jewelers call the 5th C - Compliments.   Your wife will know that she has a top-notch diamond when she receives compliments on it everywhere she goes.
Value and Brilliance
The real value in a diamond is its magnificent brilliance.   You don't need to know the various color and clarity grades to know that your diamond is beautiful.   The 4 Cs can be helpful in selecting your diamond, but there are other factors such as transparency, and graining that can make what would otherwise be a gorgeous diamond into a ho-hum stone.  Remember that overall beauty is the cornerstone of value.  Without it a diamond would be just another pebble on the beach.
Renewing Memories
The 5th C is most important, because every compliment she gets on her diamond will bring back the feelings of that special moment when you gave it to her.  The love surrounding her engagement is given new life with each compliment she gets.  Like returning to her childhood home, the memories of that special moment will come flooding back.
A Reminder of Love
A diamond is the ultimate symbol of your love for her.   Imagine how she will feel when the whole world is complimenting her on the brilliance of her diamond.  The diamond that draws more compliments than a run-of-the-mill diamond also says something to her about the quality of your love.
GB Jewelers - the 5th C Specialists
You don't need to know or understand the details and complexities of an orchestra to know that the song being performed is beautiful.   You simply listen.   You don't need to know a diamond is an Ideal Cut, E in color, or well polished, to know that it is beautiful.   You simply look at it.  You can see the difference.  At GB Jewelers, we focus on beauty.   Two diamonds may be identical in weight, color and clarity, but one of them may be just a mediocre stone, while the other diamond is simply stunning.   That's why, when choosing diamonds for our customers, the first thing we look for is a diamond that will rate high in the 5th C.   When looking through a parcel of diamonds,  we are looking for that one stone that stands out from all the rest.  That way we can be sure, and more importantly you can be sure, that your diamond is going to be noticed.  It will  draw those unsolicited compliments.   This is the kind of diamond that rates high in the 5th C, and everybody likes that.
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